Optional Tours – Louisville

Consider enhancing your Rally experience with these exciting tour or class opportunities. Tour and class reservations can be made online when making your reservation for The Good Sam Rally, or if you are already signed up for The Good Sam Rally, call 1-877-749-7122 to have a class or tour added to your reservation. We recommended that you sign up for optional tours and classes as quickly as possible, since space is limited. There’s something in Louisville and the surrounding area for every interest!

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Tour A: Three Chimneys Farm, Holly Hill Inn and Equus Run Winery

The first stop on this tour of Kentucky’s unique attractions is Three Chimneys Farm, begun with a dream, a plan and 100 acres of undeveloped land in 1972. Today it incorporates 2,300 acres in seven divisions, five of which are devoted to mares and foals, one to yearlings and one to world-class stallions. The Three Chimneys Stallion Division was built in 1984, and the first stallion to stand was champion Slew o’ Gold, followed soon by the only undefeated Triple Crown winner in history, Seattle Slew. In the mid-1980s, the farm took the unusual approach of limiting the stallion population and establishing a niche for the farm where “The Idea Is Excellence.” Three Chimneys’ management philosophy for stallions is to provide a special place for an owner to send his horse, a place that limits its equine population to ensure personal management and promotion of each stallion. You’ll visit some of the farm’s famous residents while touring with the stallion manager.


A warm welcome awaits at the Holly Hill Inn, a charming restaurant in the heart of Bluegrass horse country. The inn, built in 1845, offers fine dining in a historic country setting. Holly Hill Inn was purchased by current owners Chris and Ouita Michel in 2000. The Michels carry on a long tradition of hospitality and welcome you to dine with them in this historic home.

The last stop is Equus Run Vineyards, nestled on 35 acres in the heart of central Kentucky’s Bluegrass region. The tour begins in a renovated tobacco barn winery that showcases the wine production facility, then visits the native flower gardens and the vineyards. It finishes in a quaint stone tasting room where you can sample the fruits of their efforts.

Tour duration:             8 hours

Departs:                      June 20, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Cost:                            $85 per person

Cost for Tour A includes transportation, tour guide, admission, lunch and winery tour with tasting.


Tour B: Hidden Hill Nursery, Huber Farms, Turtle Run Winery and Schimpff’s Confectionery

Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden is a unique mini-arboretum, sculpture gallery and unusual plant nursery in southern Indiana that offers fun and educational tours, an outdoor model train, great benches and fountains, exotic flowers, trees and shrubs, and lots of solitude in a rural setting. Garden creator, retired columnist and writer Bob Hill will be your guide. You’ll enjoy a boxed snack at Hidden Hill surrounded by this wonderful garden.

After a short ride, “real food” is waiting for you at Joe Huber’s Family Restaurant. You won’t find food freshly prepared like this except maybe at your mother’s or grandmother’s table!

The next stop is Turtle Run Winery where you’ll experience the passion of winemaking at its fullest. With their motto “Exceptional quality wine that goes with food and friends,” Turtle Run delivers wine that will dazzle your senses. Founded in 2000 by Laura and Jim Pfeiffer, Turtle Run Winery has developed key innovations in winemaking. On a tour of the winery, the subtleties of the winemaking and aging processes will be explained. How do barrels made from Minnesota oak differ in flavor from those made from oak grown in Ohio, Tennessee or Kentucky? How does blending enhance many of the wines at Turtle Run? These questions and many more will be answered.

Your sweet tooth will enjoy the stop at Schimpff’s Confectionery, one of the oldest continuously operated family-owned candy businesses in the United States. In 1891 Gustav Schimpff Sr. and Jr. opened this unique confectionery and lunchroom in its present location in Jeffersonville’s downtown historic district. The establishment welcomes guests with a ’50s soda fountain and original tin ceiling. The old-fashioned candy jars, cases and turn-of-the-previous-century equipment transport you back to the good old days of homemade candy and real fountain drinks. The Candy Museum and candy demonstration area offer glimpses into the world of historic candy making, packaging and advertising.

Tour duration:             7 hours

Departs:                      June 20,9:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm.

Cost:                            $80 per person

Cost for Tour B includes transportation, tour guide, admission fees, winery tour with tasting and lunch.


Tour C: Bardstown and the Bourbon Heritage Center

To relive the romance and legends of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s earliest history, a trip to gracious Bardstown is an absolute must. There really is such a place as “My Old Kentucky Home,” and you’ll tour the Georgian-style mansion that inspired Stephen Foster’s immortal ballad. Federal Hill, built around 1818, reflects a gentler era resplendent with Southern belles, formal gardens and carriage houses. Lunch (included in the tour price) will be served at Kurtz’s Restaurant. After lunch you’ll tour the Bourbon Heritage Center. Declared America’s native spirit by a 1964 act of Congress, bourbon has always been the heart and soul of Heaven Hill Distilleries. Heaven Hill was originally established as a bourbon distiller in 1934, and today the world’s second largest holding of aging Kentucky bourbon sleeps peacefully in 40 open-rick warehouses situated throughout Nelson County, the center of bourbon country. By law, bourbon must be made up of at least 51 percent corn and be aged a minimum of two years in a new charred white oak barrel, standards pioneered by early bourbon makers such as Evan Williams and Reverend Elijah Craig. You’re invited to view a short film on the history of bourbon, take a behind-the-scenes tour of a bourbon-aging rick house and taste two of Heaven Hill Distilleries’ premium brands.

Tour duration:             6 hours

Departs:                      June 21, 9:00 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Cost:                            $75 per person

Cost for Tour C includes transportation, guided tour and all admissions, lunch and bourbon tasting.


Tour D: Louisville Highlights—Kentucky Derby Museum and Louisville Slugger Museum

The famed twin spires of Churchill Downs greet your arrival at the Kentucky Derby Museum, where you’ll experience fascinating hands-on Kentucky Derby exhibits and a spectacular 360-degree multi-image show depicting the panorama of Derby Day. Next, your knowledgeable guide will lead you on a walking tour of the track. After the tour, it’s off to one of Louisville’s favorite restaurants, Mark’s Feed Store, where you’ll enjoy a wonderful barbecue lunch in a private second-floor room. Your last stop is the Louisville Slugger Museum, where you’ll step up to the plate and experience the sensation of a 90-mile-per-hour pitch whizzing under your chin. Hear replays and see videos of great moments in baseball history. Step into the dugout and sit next to life-size figures of Hall of Famers. Browse through bats swung by Pete Browning, Mickey Mantle and Ken Griffey Jr. Watch big-screen videos of stars of the 1920s and sluggers of the 1950s. Experience a northern white ash forest and find out how the wood is cut, processed and finished as billets for Louisville Slugger bats. When you’ve had your fill of the museum, take the plant tour and hear the hum of the whirling lathes and smell the scorched wood as the Louisville Slugger logo is burned on the famous bats.

Tour duration:             6 hours

Departs:                      June 20, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

June 22, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Cost:                            $80 per person

Cost for Tour D includes transportation, tour guide, admission fees and lunch.


Tour E: Farnsley-Moremen House, Mike Linnig’s Place and Zappos

The Farnsley-Moremen House stands as a breathtaking testament to the rich history of agriculture along the Ohio River. Built in 1837 by Gabriel Farnsley, this redbrick Kentucky I-house boasts a two-story Greek Revival portico and an incredible river view. Home to Gabriel Farnsley from 1837 until his death in 1849, the house became home to the Moremen family in 1862. The Moremens maintained ownership of the house until they sold it to Jefferson County in 1988.

Throughout the 19th century, the Farnsley-Moremen House served as the center of a large farming operation with an active riverboat landing. The landing was the place from which homeowners traded goods with passing riverboats. The Farnsley-Moremen landing features the restored historic house, a reconstructed 19th-century kitchen building, seasonal archaeological excavations and a kitchen garden where volunteers grow many of the vegetables and herbs consumed during the 19th century. In addition, the site offers a breathtaking view of the Ohio River framed by rolling hills on the opposite bank.

Just upriver a short distance, you’ll encounter Mike Linnig’s Place, a Louisville tradition since 1925. The land the restaurant sits on was a working family farm. Mike Linnig and his wife, Carrie Wessel, started a small roadside stand selling fresh fruit and vegetables to the people in the area. It soon became known as Mike’s Place. The stand was enlarged to a small building where cold sandwiches, soft drinks, candies and freshly squeezed apple cider were served. Mike’s Place soon became a popular spot for residents to eat and socialize with their neighbors. Mike was always around with a joke or two for everyone. The establishment flourished and became the area’s largest seafood restaurant, succeeding through the years by doing what Mike Linnig’s has always been known for: good food, large portions, affordable prices and a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

A short drive takes you to Zappos Shoe Outlet. Many of you may have shopped at Zappos.com, but today you’ll visit the outlet store where you can browse through an extensive selection of shoes and clothing.

Tour duration:             5.5 hours

Departs:                      June 21, 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Cost:                            $65 per person

Cost for Tour E includes transportation, guide service, admission fees and lunch.


Tour H: Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival

Escape to the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival where pleasure and celebration are the only orders of the day, as decreed by the king! Spend the afternoon rubbing shoulders with royalty, bantering with the village fool and dancing with gypsies. There’s something for everyone with five stages of live entertainment, each packed with a unique mix of comedy, music and mischievous antics. The special guest performer this weekend is medieval scientist Dr. Kaboom. The marketplace features more than 40 artisans with open-air shops displaying a variety of unique handmade wares. Watch as the ancient skills of glassblowing, leatherworking, weaving, woodcarving, blacksmithing, candle making and pottery are displayed. Enjoy an afternoon of swordplay, wordplay, raucous music and roaring comedy. The tour fee includes $10 in Coin of the Realm, which can be used at the food and drink stands.

Tour duration:             8 hours

Departs:                      June 23, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Cost:                            $57 per person

Cost for Tour H includes transportation, escort, admission and $10 in Coin of the Realm. Please note that food, drink and ride vendors do not accept cash. You must purchase additional Coin of the Realm, sold in $1 or $5 increments. Food vendors do accept credit cards with a $10 minimum purchase.


Tour I: Belle of Louisville Lunch Cruise

The steamer Belle of Louisville, a National Historic Landmark, serves as the western anchor of Louisville’s award-winning Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville. Now in her 93rd year, the Belle continues to beckon one and all with the playing of her calliope. Hop aboard to take a journey back to the time when the steamer carried passengers and goods to ports all along the beautiful Ohio River. The major link between the bustling cities of the East Coast and the mighty Mississippi River, the Ohio River was instrumental in shaping the city of Louisville and still captures the imagination of those who visit.

Tour duration:             4 hours

Departs:                      June 22, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Date has been changed from June 21)

Cost:                            $62 per person

Cost for Tour I includes transportation, cruise and lunch.

Tour J: Louisville Waterfront Park Walking Tour

Twenty-five years ago, Louisville’s waterfront was an industrial wasteland, filled with scrap yards, asphalt plants, sand-and-gravel operations and refineries. Today it’s considered a model of innovative riverfront renewal, and Louisville’s Waterfront Park attracts more than 1.5 million visitors a year to its beautiful pathways, public celebrations and recreational opportunities.

Acclaimed local author and historian Rick Bell conducts a 90-minute walking tour of the park that begins at the Belle of Louisville landing and proceeds to the newly created Lincoln Memorial. Bell will describe the riverfront’s importance to the growth of Louisville, from its founding during the American Revolution through its glory days during the steamboat era and its revival as one of the world’s most successful maritime recreational parks.

The 1.5-mile walking tour follows sidewalks with ample restroom availability throughout the park. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring drinking water and sunscreen. Bell is the author of Louisville’s Waterfront Park: A Riverfront Renaissance, published by Butler Books.


Tour duration:              2 hours

Departs:                      June 22,  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Cost:                            $30 per person

Cost for Tour J includes transportation and guided tour.


K: Louisville Main Street Walking Tour

Louisville’s oldest avenue, Main Street, is the theme of a 90-minute walking tour conducted by acclaimed local author and historian Rick Bell. Running parallel to the Ohio River for several miles, Main Street boasts the largest concentration of cast-iron building fronts in the nation. Long the home of whisky and tobacco merchants and manufacturers, Main Street today is the site of many of the city’s most distinctive museums and cultural attractions.

During the tour, Bell will describe the development of Main Street and how it served as a land route around the dangerous Falls of the Ohio. He’ll also introduce many of the city’s attractions, including the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, the dramatic Humana Building, the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design, the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum, the Louisville Science Center and the Frazier Historical Museum.

The tour will cover about 1 mile from start to finish. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring drinking water and sunscreen. Bell is the author of Louisville’s Waterfront Park: A Riverfront Renaissance, published by Butler Books.


Tour duration:             2 hours

Departs:                      June 22, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cost:                            $30 per person

Cost for Tour K includes transportation and guided tour.

Tour L: The Stephen Foster Story

The Stephen Foster Story, Kentucky’s official outdoor musical, celebrates 54 years with breathtaking costumes, lively dance numbers and the timeless music of America’s first great composer. Nestled in My Old Kentucky Home State Park, where music fills the night air, the production takes you back in time to the 1850s. Experience the sights and sounds of an era when Stephen Foster wrote timeless classics such as “Oh! Susanna,” “Camptown Races,” “Beautiful Dreamer” and “My Old Kentucky Home.”

Tour duration:             4 hours

Departs:                      June 20, 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Cost:                            $39 per person

Cost for Tour L includes transportation, reserved seating and escort.


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